Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yeah for spring baking!! I got my first order for cookies so that started the extravaganza. A friend from work ordered Easter cookies that she actually was going to use as place cards ((such a cute idea))
So, since I was already baking I decided to make cookies to send to my family and friends in Southern California.
...and while those were drying I made chocolate covered oreos for work
but then I remembered I had a breakfast potluck on Friday and decided to bake a lemon coffee cake.((emailed to me by my friend Martha....yes Stewart!!))
It called for an angel food cake pan which I didn't have. So, thanks to mom and her clever ideas, I used a cake pan and placed an empty can in the center. I filled the can with dried beans so it would stay in place. I must say, it worked REALLY well!!

Add to this a triple batch of dog treats and I am all baked out!!

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