Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pioneer Woman Maple Cinnamon Rolls

On Monday I checked in on good ole Bakerella and she had made some mouth watering cinnamon rolls that she had seen on Pioneer Woman's website. I wanted to make them but really had no good reason to make them other then the immediate growl in my stomach that began once I started scrolling through the pictures on their blogs. So, when I found out my brother and sister were heading down to LA I headed out to purchase everything I needed for the cinnamon rolls to be delivered to family down south! Ahhh...PERFECT! I could make the full recipe on Pioneer Woman's website and keep just one little pan here for Joe and I. I must say they came out DELICIOUS! The maple icing really sets these apart from regular cinnamon rolls!

I was a bit bummed at first because, as I often do, I read through the directions once and just got to it. I skipped the part about letting the rolls rise before putting them in the oven to bake. In my opinion they came out a bit flat and unattractive but what they lack in looks they make up in taste. I would DEFINITELY make these again!!

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