Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cupcake Rice Krispie Treats

Last week was secretary's week ((oops!!)) I wanted to bake something for the lovely ladies in the office but the house was warm and I really didn't feel like turning on the oven. So, I started surveying the cupboards and realized I had everything needed to make rice krispies (props to grandma for always sending me back up to Sacramento with rice krispies and marshmallows in my suitcase. haha airport security probably gets a chuckle out of the many odd items I bring back with me!!) I knew I couldn't just make boring old rice krispie treats to so my bucket o' cookie cutters I went. I decided on cupcakes. I have a bag of chocolate metables in the fridge, left over royal icing from the Teacher Appreciation Cookies, and I always have sprinkles on hand. Here is the final product. I would definitely use white meltables next time. I think they would have been MUCH cuter!

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